Monday, May 22, 2006

Staying in Your Power

"Don't be concerned with facts, forget about right and wrong, sinking or rising, winning or losing. Be like a mirror. It reflects one and all; blue, yellow and all other colors; long, short, any size. It reflects everything as it is, without judging. Those who have awakened to the Way, who have attained the mind of Peace and joy, who can see all karmic conditions and who share their enlightenment with others, reflect the world like a mirror, leaving no trace of themselves." The Lost Sutras of Jesus
While I was watching television yesterday I noticed an ad for Sky HD. What is HD? As I didn't have access to the Internet I couldn't Google it. Later, my mother told me she'd received a magazine from her favourite department store. She asked me if I wanted to read it. I said I would love to. It was a glossy I've never seen before about celebrity gossip, clothes and some features. I flicked through the pages. There was a piece about HD. Aha, HD stands for high definition. The article talked about how HD will enable viewers to see celebrities as they really are behind their cover creams.

Now if I'd dismissed the magazine I wouldn't have noticed that my question of the day had already been answered in an unexpected way; not that I was really that interested. However, when we judge things as good/bad, right/wrong, we limit our experiences. Life is beyond duality and comes in infinite shapes and forms. You just have to be open.

Later, I watched a reality TV show called Strictly Dance Fever, which is a competition for amateur dancers with raw talent who are trained by experts in different dance routines. Every week a couple is eliminated until the dance-off for the chance to win £50,000. I know it's been going on for a while but yesterday was the first time I watched it. I find when you have a favourite, you're not only drawn into the contestants' emotions but the rest of the audience as well. Instead, I watched the show with detachment where I was on everybody's side and on no one's side. I didn't experience any "butterflies" in my stomach. I was able to enjoy it for what it was and stay in my peace.

There is another show I've been watching called American Idol. They are now down to the final two. The grand final is this week. Though all the contestants have their charm, one contestant that stands out is Taylor Hicks. Why? Because of his attitude. Taylor is full of joy. He doesn't seem to care what feedback he receives from the judges, whether they like his performance or not, he always punches one hand in the air and utters a whoop. You can tell he's having such fun singing. All he wants to do is sing. If it means having to compete then so be it. He's now in the finals, bless him. This is one way to stay in your joy. Whoop whether people like you or not. Whoop whether you're having a good day or not. Whoop no matter what.

I'm reminded of a dog I saw recently on the bus. He and his human friend were sitting in the area designated for pushchairs. Soon a woman came in with her buggy and she didn't look too thrilled about having to share the space with a dog. The bus driver stopped the bus and asked the passenger to take her dog upstairs, which she did. The dog didn't seem to mind where he was sitting. He was happy. I can imagine if this was a human dog, he would be accusing the driver of dogism. "Why should I sit upstairs? Is it because of my pedigree, the way I smell, or that I am a dog? I'm going to have to report you to the RSPCA for your dogist attitude." Just as well dogs don't get offended by our rules.

When you're in your power you're not bothered about what's going on. You're not bothered about winning or losing. You're not committed to any one truth; you accept there are many ways of being.

Being in my power is being the Joy and Peace that I am no matter what.



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