Monday, May 22, 2006

Taking Responsibility

There is only one infinite Self.

The one Self appears to have split Itself into infinite parts, rather like a book that has been multiplied millions of time so many people can read the same book. From our perspective we are each the Self, yet there is only one Self. Each of us has a quest which is to know who you are as Self and live as Self. Part of the quest is to recognise what is not you. What is not you is a counterfeit self or programme. No one can do it for you but you.

What is the counterfeit self or programme? It is the many beliefs and thoughts we have about life which includes beliefs in suffering, lack, aging, disease and death. You experience these beliefs as real whether you’re aware of them on a conscious level or not. For instance, you hear about people who are born blind and have never seen "old" people, yet they grow old, get sick and die. Why? Because they have unwittingly activated the human programmes. How are these programmes activated? By thought.

You see when you think of something you end up attracting similar thoughts that keep you locked into the many programmes of humanity. The irony is it is our thoughts that keep us in bondage. If you want to break out of the bondage then you have to operate from another realm: the realm of no thought or silence. Our real Self is the silence.

A while back I felt a twinge in my stomach which grew worse. I knew that all I had to do was stay in silence, yet I couldn’t help wondering what it was. The next thing I knew I had all these thoughts providing possible causes. Maybe it’s something I ate, maybe it’s my menstrual cycle, maybe I have a stomach bug, maybe this, maybe that. I must have accepted one of these suggestions as true because I ended up with diarrhoea. I remained in my piece and let it do its thing. I was soon back to normal. It soon happened again. This time, I didn’t wonder about it I simply stayed in silence. The pain simply passed away.

When you experience life from Silence you are being your true Self that is formless. In silence there are no beliefs, thoughts or points of reference. There is nothing for you to grab on to. There is no one at home, no thinker to label any experience as this or that. As Silence, you simply let the experience arise and pass. If you feel a need to record the experience then you do so from a detached space of Silence.

If there is no one "at home" to think an experience, why do they arise? Because the counterfeit self keeps reminding you that it is the real self. It is your responsibility to know who you are as the Silence, formlessness. Your real Self erases any reference to the counterfeit self as and when they arise.

When you recognise Silence is your true self, you no longer have to worry about being influenced by collective thoughts and beliefs. You are conscious only of the Silence. You know that your true self is constantly erasing what is unlike self.

It is up to each of us to recognise who we are as the Infinite Self and live as Self. No one can do it for you.

I am Self.