Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time Out! How to Live in the Present Moment

"'I AM' is the present tense for all time." (Christ in You, Anonymous)
In a previous piece called No Slaving for Bread, Sir I wrote about how I met a Desmond Decker fan who gave me a watch as a gift. Though I found the experience amusing, I also knew that experience was part of the day's theme: living in the present moment.

How does one live in the present moment?

After the encounter with my Desmond Decker friends, I paid a visit to the Museum of London. I've been to the other museums but never this one. As there is so much to see I decided to do a slice at a time. I explored London before London which spans over 450,000 years to the founding of Londinium in AD50. Imagine a time when there was only grassland. Reminds of a dream I had recently where a man asked me directions to a restaurant that was supposed to be off Oxford Street, the shopping capital of London. In my dream there was only grassland, and not a single Roman in sight.

As a visitor to the museum, you get to both experience and step out of time. This means when you feel like exploring a part of history you do so while still being aware of the big picture: that all time is one. In other words, though it seems as if Londiniums are disconnected from Londoners in this present moment 30 May 2006, it is not the case. Each moment is experienced by the whole of humanity in all time and space. By this I mean all humans share the one Self whether they are aware or not; and because they share the one Self, they share the one moment. People in the year 450,000 BC are sharing the one moment as people in 2006 though it doesn't seem that way. Humans only appear to be experiencing different civilisations because they believe they are living in different times.

In every epoch you're going to have people with different levels of awareness of the one Self. One's level of awareness or lack of is not going to change what is: that there is only one Self that is the same yesterday, today and forever. This makes visits to the museum interesting. What is popularly considered to be "evolution" has nothing to do with Self-awareness. For instance, when man "evolved" to invent instruments to fight battles, they were not exactly Self-aware. When you are Self-aware you realise Self is Love. Self will not inspire you to create weapons to annihilate one another when you all share the one Self. Hmmm! Makes you wonder whether modern Londoners are any more civilised than their Londinium counterparts.

Next, I went to the Tate Modern gallery. I was inspired to see a short film by a choreographer called Trisha Brown. In one dance routine, there are four women on stage standing apart and very still, all facing in one direction. The first dancer from the far right starts dancing in slow movements towards dancer number 2 to her left, while slowly lifting her hands. Dancer number 2 is perfectly still until dancer number 1 touches her. Together they dance slowly as one while dancer number 2 slowly raises her hands until they approach dancer number 3. Dancers 1, 2 and 3 move slowly as one until they reach dancer number 4, and the same action is repeated until the end of the routine.

For me, each dancer represents humans becoming Self-aware in any given moment, as in realising there is only one Self, while still moving as one.

After the gallery, I decided to go into town. I saw a bus I wanted approaching, but I didn't fancy running for it. I walked leisurely to the bus stop. Just as I was approaching the stop, a man on his bicycle stopped by. He was an old friend from college. I tend to bump into him every few years or so. I told him I'd just come from the Tate Modern. He said he was on his way to the same gallery. Seems we’re all preoccupied with the same stuff.

There is only the one moment that spans zillions of years. And there is only the one Self becoming self-aware through the limitless instruments. Because there is one Self this means it doesn't matter what time in the past or future you are experiencing life, there is always the one Self being self-aware. When you wake up to your identity as Self, you realise you've always existed whether you've been formless or taken the form of a human being, mountain or tree; and will always exist.

When you are "asleep" to your identity as Self, you can only identify with whatever you’re preoccupied with at the time. You see life as split into segments called time and your life as separate from the whole.

How does one live in the present moment? To live in the present moment is to first and foremost realise that there is only One Self experiencing life. Self is life. As there is only one Self in all time, there is in effect only one moment. Therefore, this moment is the same moment as 450,000BC and the same moment as 1,000,000AD.

Back to my friend who asked me if I was Desmond Decker. He is right, I am Desmond Decker! So is my friend, his girlfriend, everyone. We are all Desmond Decker!

We are all the one Light.

With love,
Enocia alias Desmond Decker

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