Saturday, May 06, 2006

Unknown Territory, Causeless Cause

I love the sci-fi series StarTrek. In StarTrek The Next Generation, there is an android called Data. Data is super-intelligent and has been programmed with tons of information. He would dearly love to be human. When the space ship encounters some strange species or anomaly the Captain usually asks Data for an explanation or analysis. There have been many times when Data has answered "Unknown."

The unknown in StarTrek TNG are events, species and experiences that do not fit into any known categories nor can they be analysed. For instance, the omnipotent entity called Q is one such example:

Full Name: Q
Date of birth: (ageless)
Place of birth: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Marital status: Unknown
Children: one son, Q2
Another entity that is considered an unknown is called the Traveler. He once sent the ship a billion light years from their own galaxy by thought alone.

For crying out loud this is science fiction; anything is possible in sci-fi! How is this relevant to real life?

It is very relevant. Like Data, we have all been conditioned to use logic in all matters. There has to be a reason for things to appear. We need experiences to fit into neat categories. What doesn't conform to our beliefs are either disregarded or dismissed as mystical, fantasy etc. By dismissing what we cannot categorise or understand we are putting ourselves in the box along with our neat categories. To step out of the box we have to open ourselves to the unknown.

Now you can know something is possible but how it is possible is unknown. What is unknown is another way of saying it is causeless i.e. no emotional, mental or physical cause, it just pops out of nowhere. Of course the mind that likes to fit things into categories has difficulty with something being causeless. Everything has a cause. To keep the enquiring mind happy let's say that what is unknown has a causeless cause.

I believe in God. For me God is the great unknown. God has always been and always is. Put another way, God has a causeless cause. As I believe God is all there is, this means that the universe is also the great unknown; it has a causeless cause. Therefore, as I am of the universe/God I also have a causeless cause.

As a causeless cause being that I am, it is natural for me to experience the unknown. Now when I have a knowing of something happening I don't try to figure out how it's going to unfold because I know reality has no material, emotional or physical cause. Reality is causeless. I am open to things popping up in any which way without needing to have a logical explanation about the why. If things happen in the human way, terrific. If it pops out of thin air, terrific.

God is causeless.
God has a causeless cause.
God is the unknown.
God is all there is.


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