Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why Do I Have a Body?

I'm getting ready to go out. It feels warm already. I'm thinking of wearing a particular top. I can't wear that top without a bra! That's the problem with warm weather, I have to think about bras. In winter I can wear a top and a jumper without needing to wear a bra. In warmer weather if I wear a top without a bra, I'll have guys staring at my nipples. We don't want that now, do we?

It seems to me, everything we do is based on satisfying some bodily need. Why do people go to work? Do they seek fulfilment in a career or profession? Far from it. You need to earn a living so you can have money to buy food to sustain your body; to buy clothes so you can cover your body up and not shock your neighbours; to buy or rent a property so that you can protect your body. Even if you manifest your desires effortlessly without needing to earn it, you're still doing so because of your body's needs.

It would seem that our bodies keep us in bondage.

What if we didn't need to eat? Well, you wouldn't be bothered about buying food, would you? If you didn't feel sensations such as hot or cold, you wouldn't be bothered about living outdoors nor would you want to protect your body from the elements. If you didn't need to wear clothes, you wouldn't be bothered about buying clothes. If you didn't need to buy food, clothes or have a house you wouldn't worry about earning a living. You would focus only on what you love doing.

I have found that as I focus more on being the Love that I am, I am sustained by joy. Instead of feeling hungry, I am joy full. When I do eat I don't consider it to be food but another way of being joy.

Why do I need a body if there is only Love?

As I put my bra on I have another thought. I have been given this body to play with. I'm playing at being a woman, at least what that means in this reality, and wearing a bra is part of the fun, just like it's fun to wear makeup. My body is a flower showing off its beauty.

On my way to the bus stop I bump into a friend who lives in the neighbourhood. She compliments me on my lipstick shade and says I look good. I tell her she looks gorgeous as usual. She is excited about her place at university which she starts in September. We chat for a few minutes, then we set off in opposite directions to express joy in our own unique way.

Love is all there is. What appears as my body is an instrument of love to express love.