Friday, June 02, 2006

Endless Love

Yesterday I spent time at the Museum of London. While I was experiencing the "Great Fire of London" I noticed a girl, at least she appeared that way. When her parents left her on her own for a moment she turned to me and asked me about a bear.

"Have you seen the bear?"

I didn't have a clue what she was on about but I thought she was adorable. I went to explore other parts of the museum then I sat down so I could be in silence, and fell asleep. Next thing I knew there was a woman sitting next to me and the same girl standing in front of me.

"You were watching the "Great Fire" with me, weren't you?" I asked her and her mother. They said yes and smiled.

Every day I meet new people and connect in a deep way as if I've always known them. Of course I've always known them. Not only have I always known them, I've always loved them and continue to love them. Yes, love.

In the human experience we tend to think that we fall in and out of love. We have special people we care about.

Love is not something you do in one moment and then forget about it. Love is an ongoing movement. Loving. We are constantly in love for love is beginningless and endless. We are love.

I don't have to encounter "new" people to express my love for them, nor do I have to be with people to love them. I am loving everyone right now and always.

There is nothing but endless love.