Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Love is All There Is Detonator

Yesterday when I got home I noticed my mother was coughing; she seemed worse than the night before. She was still taking the honey and lemon remedy she'd prepared. As I respect her beliefs I didn't say anything. When she went to bed she coughed non-stop.

Now, since I've been walking the "spiritual path" I've mastered the art of sleeping with the light on, sleeping with the television blaring away, watching television with my eyes closed though some might call it sleeping, sleeping with music on, sleeping with people chatting around me, sleeping on the bus, sleeping in museums, sleeping in the park and more sleeping. But one thing I haven't mastered is sleeping while someone is coughing around me. I mean it's not natural. So every time I felt myself falling asleep my mum's coughing woke me up.

As I love playing with light and energy I had circled her with love but that wasn't doing the trick. After I'd been awake for a few hours, I decided it was now time to take some drastic action. So, in thought I repeated "Love is all there is" for about half a minute until my mother's coughing ceased. I also felt myself being "embraced" by this powerful force which I believe is love, and I was one with the power. I fell asleep soon after. At some point I woke up and listened out for my mother but she was still sleeping. I asked her how she was this morning and she said she felt a lot better.

When I think or say "Love is all there is," I'm literally saying there is only love. I don't try to reason how Love works, I just know Love is everything. Then the Love that is present "comes to life" and does what Love does best, bringing harmony to all.

You hear about people who have such strong beliefs that they strap bombs to themselves, detonate the bombs, and bring mayhem and destruction where they are. "Love is all there is" is like a detonator that one can carry around. Wherever you are, you release the thought knowing that it is the truth, and observe as Love is "released" bringing harmony to all around you in Love's own way. Imagine what the world would be like when more and more people consciously use the "Love is all there is" detonator.

Love is all there is.



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