Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The One Moment of Now is Like the Sun

The way we appear to have been "wired" as humans makes us focus on the past. In fact we always seem to be playing the game of "catch-up." For instance, when you look at something you're actually seeing a reflection of the thing a second ago not as it is now.

Astronomers tell us that when you look at stars you're seeing into the past as it's taken many thousands of light years for the light from those stars to reach us.

Everyday I wake up to the same old world. What if I woke up tomorrow and it was totally brand new? I wouldn't know anything or recognise anyone. I would be like Clive Wearing who can only remember music and his love for his wife and forgets every moment. (see Living in the Eternal Now). I have had this experience when I've had migraines. I can't remember anything because every new moment erases the previous one. I can't read because nothing makes sense. I know my mother but when she speaks I don't have a clue what she's on about. I find I can't function in that state at all as everything is meaningless.

Is it our lot in life to be stuck in the past? Does God giveth the present moment with one Hand and taketh away with another?

There is only one moment of Now. From that one moment of Now infinite brand new moments are emerging simultaneously.

The one moment of Now is like the sun sending out infinite rays. Each ray represents a "new moment" without beginning or end. When I experience a "new moment" I'm simply aware of a ray that already exists. However, my experience of the rays can make each ray appear to have a beginning and end. Let's say I meet someone "new." While our friendship feels new, somehow she feels very familiar. Of course she feels familiar; that friendship ray has existed for eternity, silly!

The infinite rays are like the many satellite channels on television. While I'm watching BBC1 all the other channels are running concurrently. Meeting a "new" friend is like swapping channels and focusing on that channel for as long as is necessary. Speaking of which, a few days ago I met this woman at the bus stop. The "first time" we met was on a bus when she gave me some sweets and shared a funny story, which I shared in my blog. We chatted till my bus arrived, then we pretended to part company, again. Oh, the games we play!

How does letting go of old hurts and pain fit into this paradigm. Well, the sun/one moment of Now is actually the one Soul that we all are - Love. The rays/moments emerging from Love are Its image and likeness. Hurt and pain do not have any reality because there is only Love. When I'm tempted to think of old "hurts," I remember who I am.

I am the sun.


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