Thursday, June 01, 2006

The One

Only One exists.

Shall I compare the One to a bus?

The One is like a bus.

The aisle represents eternity, all time. Passengers in their seats and compartments represent infinite forms in their infinite dimensions/realities.

While the many forms appear to be having their own unique experiences in their own time, in truth, there is only one moment of now. So, let's say a man downstairs is speaking on his mobile phone. While passengers upstairs cannot hear him on the phone, they still all share the one moment of Now. When the bus driver wants to draw passengers' attention, he makes an announcement on the microphone which everyone can hear. If passengers were in different times they wouldn't hear the bus driver. Of course, passengers can choose to ignore the driver's announcement.

Similarly, the One is the many forms in the many realities living in the one Now.

Though there's much going on inside the bus i.e. people chatting, listening to music, day-dreaming, etc, the bus itself doesn't change. Similarly, while the One is expressing in infinite manifestations, He is unchanging and always perfect.

My task is to awaken to the truth that my nature is twofold: I am the bus that contains all realities and forms in the one moment of now; and I am the one unchanging bus.

Only one bus exists. All aboard!