Thursday, June 08, 2006

Perfect Weather

Weather forecasters love waxing lyrical about the weather, don't they? "It's a scorcher!" a "heat wave," "humid," "gloomy," "windy," etc etc.

When you live with the awareness that Love is all there is, the weather is always perfect because Love is constant. It's only when you start to analyse the weather by focusing on an aspect that you make your experiences of the weather either pleasant or painful. By this I mean, when you focus on the heat, what happens is you feel hotter because you're really calling on more heat. You could pretend it's cold, then you'll attract to you experiences of cold such as breeze, which will give you the impression that you're feeling cool, while everyone is sweating.

However, when you know Love is all there is, you find you're neither thinking of cold nor heat but just enjoying every moment as it is.

I don't care what the weatherman says, every moment is perfect.