Monday, June 12, 2006

Saved By the Bell

So the postman mis-delivered a letter to our address.

My mother opened the letter and then realised too late it was for someone else. She asked me if I could deliver the letter to the correct address and apologise on her behalf. I said I wasn't sure where the road was. I could have checked up the address but I wasn't too keen on the idea. Mum said she was sure her friend in the neighbourhood lived on that road. She suggested I leave the letter behind, and she would phone her friend to confirm.

I went to catch my bus into town. Who should I see waiting for the bus but the same woman my mother was going to call. She was able to confirm that she lived on the same road as the addressee of the mis-delivered letter.

As my mother wasn't aware I'd spoken to her friend while I was out, she telephoned her friend later. It turned out her friend lived next door to the addressee of the mis-delivered letter. Mum's friend offered to collect the letter and delivered it to her neighbour.

I guess it made no difference how the letter got delivered as long as it got delivered. At least "I" as Enocia didn't have to do it; the Universal "I" worked through another instrument.

Only one "I" exists.